​Wellness and Meaning Making through Connecting and Art Making. Inquiry and reflection through art making and companioning

"The arts are always there, they cannot be banished from human activity. It is primarily a naturalistic phenomenon, to make statements of significance about experience in aesthetic and expressive forms. Although the forms may change, the attempt to attribute meaning to experience in this form will never be surrendered."

Warren Lett


"Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives."

Bessel Van  der Kolk



Therapeutic arts practice through multi- modal experiencing and art making. This inquiry has a recovery model of therapeutic meaning making and wellness outcomes. It is a co creative process of inquiry through companioning/counselling and shared experiencing in an individual or group setting.  ​ 

Acting/ DramaTherapy

Self awareness and development through inquiry into acting and performance, shared experiencing and expression. With particular focus on the physical body, relationship, self expression and mindfulness (being in the moment).

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How Do I Book a Session with Luke?

To make an appointment with Luke please call Geelong Bodi and Mind on 03-5223-2370 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Geelong Bodi and Mind Natural therapies health clinic servicing the Geelong people

Mary S

Thank you Karen (Holt) for your support with my anxiety concerns, I'm not sure how I would have coped without it.

Shelley Mc

Thanks (Karen Holt) for listening and helping with my problems, I had the most relaxing holiday ever - no trouble sleeping even in the confined space and with company. I have also lost over 10 kg's and I don't panic so much if things go wrong.

Bettie W

I was feeling extremely anxious about my upcoming trip where I had to take a 6 hour plane trip. After my first session with you (Karen) I felt so much better and didn't feel any where near as anxious.

Rob J

Wanting to let you know that I have been doing so well (Karen Holt), I thought a lot about what you suggested to me and it allowed me to stop eating unnecessarily.

Michelle C

(Karen Holt), I now fly with ease and am no longer worried when getting on a plane, my life is so much easier.


For the past few months I've been struggling with a separation. I came in for a treatment on the Thursday, by Saturday I was singing. I am calm! Much love and thanks Amber (Birkin)!

John S

Karen (Holt) you have helped me overcome my fear of snakes so easily, I can now walk out in the grass without always being fearful.

Kerry B

Thanks so much Karen (Holt) for your sincerity, you have put me back on the right path instead of trying to escape with the use of alcohol.