The best time to exercise is in the morning – why, because if we leave it to later in the day, we are often snowballed by the activities of the day and exercise is no longer a priority and it becomes one of the last things on our agendas.

We start making excuses that we just can’t fit that exercise in because we need to……

  • work irregular/long hours/shift work;
  • Need to attend to the needs of our family/others;
  • Too tired/ lack of energy;
  • Procrastination/Lack of motivation;
  • Boredom;
  • Stress;
  • Injury/pain – health issues;
  • Don’t like it – you quit before you begin;
  • Negative attitude;
  • Can’t see the benefits;
  • I have tried before, but just can’t do it;
  • The weather, or
  • I am too self-conscious.


We often find it more and more difficult to feel motivated to exercise, however afterwards it can feel great as the body reaches a natural high from the spike in ‘feel-good’ hormones.

If you are waiting for motivation to exercise then it may never come. Even professional athletes are not necessarily motivated to get up at 4.30am to train but they do it because of a value that they attach to it and they know that they won’t succeed if they don’t practice their skills. They just do it without thinking.  The short answer to overcoming that lack of motivation to exercise is to “just do it”, without thinking about it –  ‘Surf the urge’ don’t quit before you begin - just notice the feeling and move through it without letting it drive you.

Through the use of hypnotherapy Karen will be able to assist you with other ways off overcoming that lack of motivation to exercise and to make those changes that you want to make and allow you to become fitter and healthier, which will benefit many aspects of your life.

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