The Obesity Epidemic – whilst discussion about (and media attention on) this topic seems to have it constantly in the front of our mind, the problem of obesity is getting bigger as time passes.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) web site indicates that annual absenteeism by Australian Adult workers averages 2.8 days for those of normal weight and 3.2 days for those who are overweight or obese – over 14% higher. The figures for people of normal weight in the category of the survey are by no means ideal, either.

The ABS also reports that some 89.5% of overweight and obese adults consume inadequate amounts of fruit and vegetables.  All of this leads to having at least one of the potentially serious medical disorders of hypertension, ischaemic osteoarthritis, asthma or diabetes, to name just a few of the typical weight related disorders.

So what is the Virtual Intra-Gastric Balloon?

It is not a “magic bullet” – it is designed to assist people who are committed to releasing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle to achieve their goals.

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The effectiveness of hypnotherapy as an intervention for weight release/obesity has been reasonably well founded for some time.  It appeals to the majority of people as there is no physical surgery required, it is cost effective in comparison to other forms of weight release programs, hypnosis provides effective outcomes and changes lifestyles for the better and for the long term.

The Virtual Intra-Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical procedure;

The Virtual Intra-Gastric Balloon is the placement of a “virtual” balloon into the client’s stomach, the balloon is then inflated with “virtual” safe saline solution, resulting in the “virtual” balloon taking up a large portion of the person’s stomach, which reduces the ability to consume foods or beverages just like the surgical gastric banding operations.

It involves the following process:

  • Week 1:      General discussion, background history, introduction to “Platinum Keys for success”, explanation of hypnotherapy and initial hypnosis session;

  • Week 2:      General discussion and use of hypnotherapy to release emotional content around weight release concerns;

  • Week 3:      General discussion and use of hypnotherapy to place the “virtual” gastric balloon into the client’s stomach and begin the focus on better eating, introduction of platinum keys, etc;

  • Week 4:      General discussion and use of hypnotherapy to re-check the “virtual” balloon’s position and introduction of the Healthy Eater Meter, better eating, etc;

  • Week 5:      General discussion and use of hypnotherapy to refocus thought and language patterns with respect to the way we think about food and respond to it;

    Then a 2 week break takes place;

  • Week 6:      General discussion and use of hypnotherapy to refocus eating and to make unhealthy, inappropriate foods less appealing and refocus on healthier foods, having no need or desire to snack unnecessarily, etc.

    Then another 2 week break; and

  • Week 7:      Comprises of general discussion and use of hypnotherapy. It is a reinforcement of all of the above, now having the resources to achieve what the client would like to achieve, positive thought process, etc.

Some minor follow-up sessions may be required from time to time.  Sessions 3-7 are also supported by the use of CD’s which will be given to the client throughout the process and the success rate (dependant on personal requirements) can be anything between 5 – 20 Kg’s and ongoing.

The above process spans a 9 week period.

Therefore, allow hypnotherapy and counselling to assist you to:

  • use your imagination to practise being the way you want to be,
  • achieve your weight release goals;
  • allow the subconscious change the rules with respect to the way you think and behave with food/drinks and change your life forever.


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